Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to skin care, I like to go the chemical-free route. After all, your skin has pores which lead directly into your body. So why would you directly put toxins and other harsh products on your body?

For a cleanser and make-up remover I use UltraBland from Lush. It’s amazing. I went through an acne phase, surprisingly, my junior year of college. I guess I was blessed to not have it in middle school/high school but suddenly my Clearasil wasn’t working any more. I tried Burts Bees and it didn’t do anything for me. I went to Lush and begged the sales lady to please find me something to treat the acne on my face. Oddly, the acne clustered only on my right cheek and chin.  She recommended UltraBland (most Lush workers and regular shoppers do). It’s made with bees wax and honey and the smell is a little interesting to get used to at first. All you do is wet your face with warm water, get about a finger tips worth of Ultrabland and spread evenly across your face. Take a wet cotton round and take the product off. Pat dry with a soft towel. Your face will feel instantly soft, unlike many cleansers that leave it dry or tight. At first I thought my face would get too oily, but that is prevented if you use a toner.


The toners I use are Breath of Fresh Air or Tea Tree Water from Lush. If you’ve never used a toner, or are scared it may dry out your skin too much do not worry. Toners actually take off the residue from your cleanser and rehydrate your skin. What’s great about Lush is that they use ingredients, like rosewater, aloe, and seaweed instead of alcohol makes it a perfect product to pair with Ultrabland. What I do is take a cotton round, spritz on some toner, and wipe down my face.

About once a week I steam my face with Ultrabland. I cover my face like a mask with the cleanser and take a steaming hot wash cloth and place over my face for about 2-5 minutes. Once the wash cloth feels cool, I take it off, and splash cool water all over my face. By steaming your face you are opening up your pores and the wash cloth is absorbing the dirt/oil trapped inside that causes blackheads and other skin issues. Make sure to splash with cold water afterwards though because you want to close back the pores so that more dirt/oil doesn’t get back inside!!!

Lush is not instant gratification! I was so disappointed when I walked away with $40 worth of products I thought for sure would be some sort of natural miracle. Little did I know is that, much like eating healthy to lose weight, it isn’t going to go away in a day. It took several months for my skin to clear up. In fact, I noticed little change at all. But, about 9 months later my skin took a turn for the better and I got complimented for having glowing, acne-free skin that still remains today!

But the reason why I wrote this post is for a new part of my skin care routine I wanted to share and it’s probably sitting in your kitchen cabinet. It’s apple cider vinegar and it sounds gross but it’s a really good replacement for toner.


Personally, I only use it once a week. Rumor has it, Scarlett Johansson swears by it every day. But I find that is WAY too much for my skin. Everyone is different though, so do what works best.
So how does it work? 
Apple cider vinegar is very acidic and it acts as a pH balancer much like toner.
Just take a table spoon of the apple cider vinegar, and mix with a tablespoon of warm water. Dip a cotton ball or two and use on your face. It smells bad but the results are worth it. Splash cold water afterwards to close the pores.

Look Ma! No acne!

Other things to keep in mind with skin care is…

  • Drink a lot of water! Soda and caffeinated beverages and alcohol are major dehydrators.
  • Don’t touch your facade! It’s much too fragile to have dirty fingers placed upon.
  • Don’t pick zits. Scars happen and they’re a pain to get rid of. I can tell you how to get rid of them in a future post though.
  • Wash makeup brushes often.
  • Remove make up every night. I don’t care how drunk you are, just do it.
  • Wash pillow cases often. They are just a breeding ground of dirt that can clog pores.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Yeah, yeah, they say diet doesn’t play a role well it does. Fresh fruits and vegetables = yay. Heavily processed foods (including soy for all you vegetarians) = nay. When I was a vegetarian I relied on Boca burgers. Well, I still wasn’t getting proper nutrients through produce and anything that has a list of say four + ingredients probably isn’t doing your skin a whole lot of good. Ever seen a raw vegan’s skin? Yeah, it’s flawless.

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